Superfast Trading is a small and enthusiastic company dealing in old-but-not-forgotten & fascinating automobiles.

Born from a true passion for the design and driving characteristics of these "pre-Bluetooth" cars I focus on a honest and accessible, quality inventory. 


Our Classic Car Selection is driven by 3 crucial elements:

- As close as possible to factory original specification

- Documented ownership history as detailed as possible

- Both technical and optical in a no-worries condition


- O F F E R S   O N   C A R S   W I T H   G O O D    P E D I G R E E   A R E   W E L C O M E -

Classic sports cars in general that can make our heart beat just that little bit faster are always on the wishlist.


Our complete portfolio is available on request.      (Box Office, password needed, please ask)

- Since 2010 -